All UCSB Employees - Please Complete Cyber Security Awareness Training

April 20, 2017

The University of California requires all employees, including student employees, to complete UC Cyber Security Awareness Training annually. The goal is 100% compliance. At UCSB, we are far from achieving that goal. As of Friday, April 14th, just only 76.55% of our colleagues have met their obligation. If you are among those, thank you.

There are two trends that are particularly troubling. First, student employees constitute a significant portion of non-compliance. If a student is sent a message by the learning center, they are not exempt and must complete the training. Second, the number of employees that completed training last year but have not taken the refresher training this year is growing. The training requirement is annual. The refresher training is significantly shorter than the full program and contains new content. The learning center sends messages to employees due to take the refresher.

In a D-List message on February 13th referring to Policy-Covered Staff, Cynthia Señeriz, Director, Human Resources wrote, “The performance evaluation form will also require that the supervisor determine whether the employee fulfilled his/her mandatory UC training requirements for the performance evaluation period.  It is the supervisor’s responsibility to follow-up when an employee does not fulfill his/her mandatory training requirements. In these instances, consultation with Employee & Labor Relations should take place because failure to complete mandatory training requirements should be addressed as a performance deficiency in most cases.”

UC Cyber Security Awareness Training helps strengthen and maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our UCSB systems. If you received a message from the learning center, I encourage you to complete the course as soon as your schedule permits.

If you have questions, please contact Sam Horowitz, Chief Information Security Officer, at (805) 893-5005 or