Cybersecurity Awareness Training

January 12, 2015

TO: UCSB Employees

Fr: Sam Horowitz, Chief Information Security Officer

Re: Cybersecurity Awareness Training

As a UCSB employee, you are on the front lines of protecting the University and your colleagues from cybercrime. How you handle data and how you use your computer can have a significant impact on cybersecurity threats. The lessons you can learn on the job can help you protect your family and friends as well.

To help you understand how you can make a difference, UC has developed an information security awareness-training course. As the campus Chief Information Security Officer, I would like to see all employees take the updated version, even if you have taken the prior course. This updated course covers different types of cybercrime and what you can personally do to prevent it.

All UCSB employees that successfully complete the new course before March 31st will be entered into a random drawing to win a $50 Amazon gift card. The campus has 20 gift cards to distribute.

Thank you for doing your part to protect UCSB. I encourage you to take the time to complete the course.

Kind regards,

Sam Horowitz, CISSP, CISM
Chief Information Security Officer

Instructions for enrolling and taking the awareness training

  • You must disable pop-up messages in your browser.
  • In your browser go to
  • Follow the link to log on as a UCSB employee using your UCSB NetID.
  • After logging on, in the search box enter: "Information Security".
  • Select the course entitled: "Information Security Tutorial for Staff (3.0)".
  • Select: "Register" or "Start" and follow the instructions to complete the training.
  • You can disable the narration and read the material. This may shorten the time it takes to complete the training.
  • Remember to close out the class and print your certificate. That way you can be sure that the system records your completion and that you will be entered into the drawing.