How to Access Cyber Security Awareness Training

May 4, 2017

All members of the University of California community face cyber security threats. Earlier this month, the UC released the second edition of its Cyber Security Awareness training to help address those threats. Many of you received a message regarding the training from the UC Learning Center, and others will receive a message in the coming weeks.

This year, the Office of the President introduced an abridged refresher course for UC community members who completed the full 2016 training.  The abridged version requires about 35 minutes to complete.  If you completed the course after February of last year, you will get a message from the Learning Center near the anniversary of your completion.  For those who have not completed the full course, the updated 2017 program should take about 55 minutes.  

In either case, we request that you complete the training within six weeks of its release.  As the due date approaches, the UC Learning Center will send reminder emails to those who have not completed the training.

To access the training, please follow the steps below:

1.       Start the web browser you’d like to use for the training (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome).

2.       In the address line enter and the enter key.  This will take you to the UCSB Learning Center home page.

3.       Click the Go to Employee Log On button in the upper left (blue) section of the page.

4.       In the Learning Center Log On prompt box:

a.       Click into the UCSBNetID box and enter your UCSBNetID.

b.       Click into the Password box and enter the password associated with your UCSBNetID.

c.       Click he Log On Button.

5.       This should take you to the UCSB Learning Center.

6.       In the main (white) section of the screen, you will see training courses that assigned to you.

7.       Find the Cyber Security Awareness Training course (you may have to scroll down the page).

8.       Only if the course does not appear in your list, go to the Activity Search bar on the left side of the screen at enter "cyber". The class that you are assigned to will appear.

9.       Click the Start button located below and to the right if the course title.