Information Security: Reusing Passwords

June 28, 2016

Over the past few years, criminals have stolen more than a billion usernames and passwords from many sites across the Internet, including LinkedIn, Adobe, and Tumblr. Criminals use these stolen usernames and passwords to login to other sites including TeamViewer, GoToMyPC, and Carbonite. Many of these logins succeed because people reuse their passwords.

Please remember to use separate passwords for each of your accounts. Never use your UCSBnetID password for any other site, including other UCSB sites.

If you reuse any of your passwords, please change them immediately. You can check to see if your password was stolen in one of the larger breaches at You do not need to supply your password to check. This database does not include all breaches, so even if your password is lot listed as stolen, you may still be at risk.

If you use your UCSBnetID password on multiple sites, you need to change it by visiting You will need to login to the system by providing your last name, date of birth, employee ID, and last 4 digits of your social security number. After identifying yourself to the system, you will need to authenticate who you are by answering some personal questions. These questions were chosen when you created your UCSBnetID.

If you have trouble resetting your password, faculty and staff may come by the Identity Services Help Desk at 4101 SAASB or call our helpdesk at (805) 893-7979. Student support for Identity Services is handled by the Collaborate Help Desk in 1523 Phelps Hall. You can reach the student help desk by phone at (805) 893-5542.