Mandatory Information Security Awareness Training

October 12, 2015

As part of the University’s efforts to address the increasing threats to the security of our information systems and data, you have been assigned to take a security awareness training program, required of faculty and staff at all UC locations. 

Each member of the University community has a responsibility to safeguard the information assets entrusted to us. This training program will better prepare all of us to fulfill this responsibility and to strengthen our defenses against future attacks. 

This course will take approximately 50 minutes to complete. You may take the course in more than one sitting. A “bookmark” function will remember the modules you have already completed. Please complete this course by 1/31/2016.

You can access the course via the UC Learning Center.

To login to the UC Learning Center:

1. Copy and paste or type the following URL to access the learning center:

2. Select “Go to Employee Logon”

3. Log in with your UCSBNetID and associated password

4. The course will be on your Learner home page. Click “Start” to launch the training.


If you do not see the course in you Learner home page “To-Do” section:

1. Type “Cyber Security Awareness” (without quotes) in the Search field and click Go

2. Click the “Start” button to launch the course.

If you have questions regarding the requirement for you to take this course or if you have specific questions about the course content, please contact


Sam Horowitz, CISSP, CISM -- Chief Information Security Officer