UCSB Cyber Security Tip - Securely Using Mobile Apps

March 10, 2017

Mobile devices – such as tablets, smartphones, and watches – have become one of the primary technologies we use in both our personal and professional lives. What makes mobile devices so versatile are the millions of apps available to users. These apps enable us to increase productivity, communicate instantly and share with others, train and educate, or just have more fun. However, the power of all these mobile apps comes with security risks that can jeopardize your personal information. To ensure that you are using your mobile apps as securely as possible, please follow the advice that SANS provides in the following newsletters: 

English: Securely Using Mobile Apps

Spanish: Uso Seguro de Aplicaciones

This tip is brought to you by your UCSB Cybersecurity Awareness Team and SANS.

Sam Horowitz

Kip Bates

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