XSEDE Allocation Options

There various allocation options available to UCSB faculty and researches. Please see the "What is XSEDE?" brochure for a quick introduction.

The campus champion helps new users obtain accounts, assesses their resource and training needs, orients the new user to the system environment, and guides them through the allocation process. In addition, the campus champion also guides the users through the process of writing an allocation request. Please contact the campus champion for assistance in using/applying for XSEDE resources.

The most frequently asked allocations for research projects and their purposes are summarized below:

Trial allocations:

  • Designed to give potential users rapid, but limited access to XSEDE resources.
  • The size of the allocations is limited, but sufficient for initial resource evaluation.
  • They give the new users the ability to compile and run software, and evaluate results, within the XSEDE resource software and hardware environment.
  • No proposal is necessary for these allocations; contacting and discussing with the campus champion is sufficient.

Startup allocations:

  • Startup allocation requests are reviewed continually throughout the year. They are the fastest way of getting started on XSEDE, and are recommended for all new XSEDE users.
  • A short allocation proposal needs to be submitted. Contact the campus champion to discuss how to get started on preparing an allocation request. The XSEDE website provides some examples of what is expected from a well-written request.
  • They are for one year, after which, the PI should request a Research allocation.

Appropriate uses for Startup allocations include:

  • Application development by principal investigator.
  • Experimentation on XSEDE platforms.
  • Use of XSEDE systems for classroom instruction.
  • Developing a science gateway

Research allocations:

  • They may be requested for any compute, visualization, or storage resource and require a formal request document and CVs (for PI/Co-PIs).
  • They are typically appropriate as follow-ons to Startups; but a PI need not request a Startup prior to submitting a Research request.
  • There are currently four allocation periods when research allocations are rewarded. The allocation periods and the submission deadlines are announced in the XSEDE website.
  • XSEDE provides webinars to provide users training for writing successful research allocations. Guidelines and well-written proposal samples can be found here.
  • Contact the campus champion to assess your supercomputing needs and support for writing proposals.