Carry Forward of Funds

Carry Forward of Funds allows users to carry forward funds into the next fiscal year and is only used in June and July of each year.


UCSB employees use the Disbursement system to submit non-travel expenses, e.g., supplies, etc., that owner's expense purchased. 

Flexcard Allocation

A Visa procurement card issued by U.S. Bank, UCSB employees who have authority to purchase goods and services for their departments use FlexCards for those purchases. The FlexCard Allocation Module receives all purchase transactions from U.S. Bank and distributes them to each Cardholder’s department for allocation and approval. 

Flexcard Management

The FlexCard Management module provides departments with the ability to set up and manage their FlexCard Program.

Purchase Order Repository System (PORS)

PORS is an image repository system for former Purchase Orders. Departments can access former purchase orders for historical references.

Transfer of Expense (TOE)

TOE allows the transfer of expenses from one chart-string to another.

Transfer of Funds (TOF)

TOF and Transfer of Soft Funds (TOSF) allow transfers of permanent and current expenditure funds from one chart-string to another. This includes TOF and TOSF for Contract and Grant funds. 


Employees who incur Travel and Entertainment expenses can use the UCSB Travel Application to: request a Trip ID for Direct Bill Airfare (formerly known as DBAN), create travel advance requests (webTAR), and request travel reimbursements (webTEV).