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06/01/2019 UCSB Cyber Security Tip - Cyber-Smart Traveling
05/01/2019 Digital Spring Cleaning
01/30/2019 Data Privacy and You
01/18/2019 Tax Fraud & Identity Theft
11/14/2018 Tips to Protect Your Information during the Holiday Online Shopping Season
10/15/2018 Make it a Habit! Eight Habits to Keep You Safe Online
10/08/2018 Lock Down Your Login with MFA
09/30/2018 Password Best Practices
08/02/2018 UCSB Cybersecurity Tip - Back-to-School Cybersecurity
08/02/2018 Register for the UC Cybersecurity Summit at UCR
06/19/2018 IT Cybersecurity Seminar: This Thursday!
06/15/2018 GDPR Phishing Scams
03/02/2018 UCSB Cyber Security Tip - Don't Let A Phishing Scam Reel You In
10/04/2017 NCSAM Movie Day: “Terms and Conditions May Apply” – Oct. 12 at the Loma Pelona Center
10/02/2017 National Cyber Security Awareness Month - October 2017
09/12/2017 UCSB Cyber Security Tip of the Month - Password Managers
08/14/2017 UCSB Cyber Security Tip of the Month - Disposing of Your Mobile Device
07/06/2017 UCSB Cyber Security Tip of the Month - Ransomware
06/19/2017 UCSB Cyber Security Tip of the Month - Lessons From WannaCry
05/04/2017 Google Docs Phishing Attack Recovery
05/04/2017 How to Access Cyber Security Awareness Training
05/02/2017 UCSB Cyber Security Tip of the Month - Personal Information
04/20/2017 All UCSB Employees - Please Complete Cyber Security Awareness Training
04/12/2017 UCSB Cyber Security Tip - Passphrases
03/21/2017 Beware of Tax Season Phishing Attacks
03/10/2017 UCSB Cyber Security Tip - Securely Using Mobile Apps
01/06/2017 Beware of Income Tax Fraud in the New Year
10/13/2016 Don’t Get Hooked: How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Attacks
09/28/2016 October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month
08/12/2016 How to Avoid Umail Phishing Attacks
06/28/2016 Information Security: Reusing Passwords
04/13/2016 Security Awareness During Tax Season
04/11/2016 Best Practices for PC Management
10/12/2015 Mandatory Information Security Awareness Training
10/02/2015 October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
05/18/2015 Password Management
03/05/2015 Cybersecurity Awareness Training Reminder
02/06/2015 Phishing Regarding the Anthem Data Breach
01/29/2015 Cybersecurity Tips from the FBI
01/26/2015 FBI Public Service Announcement (University Payroll Scam)
01/12/2015 Cybersecurity Awareness Training
12/17/2014 Tips for Selecting & Managing Passwords
11/19/2014 MS Active Domain vulnerability; Patch now
09/26/2014 Urgent Information Security Vulnerability
09/25/2014 Bash Vulnerability
08/22/2014 8 Tips for Preventing Data Breaches
05/20/2014 Securing Information on Mobile Devices
02/13/2014 Meet UCSB’s Director of Information Security