Information Technology Services (ITS), the campus' central IT unit, contributes to UC Santa Barbara‚Äôs mission of research, teaching, and community service by serving as a resource and catalyst in partnering with the campus community to efficiently deliver IT infrastructure and enterprise application services to faculty, students, staff, and affiliates; and increasing the value and effectiveness of campus IT investments and implementations. 

View the ITS organizational chart here.

Information Technology Services includes the following areas:


Business Information technology Services (BITS) provides technology leadership and management for enterprise business, student, and administrative systems and services supporting UCSB's mission.

Deputy Chief Information Officer/BITS Executive Director: Joe Sabado,

Application Development

  • Develops and maintains software for services and applications
  • Provides lifecycle management for custom applications/platforms
  • Manages technical project implementations
  • Supports the evolution of software development practices

Director of Application Development: Josh Andersen,

Data Services & Business Intelligence

  • Provides database hosting and administration
  • Performs data integrations for vendor and custom-developed systems
  • Provides developer support
  • Ensures the security and accessibility of institutional data
  • Develops and maintains reporting and business intelligence solutions for campus

Director of Data Services and Business Intelligence: Diana Antova,

Financial Information Systems

  • Develops, maintains, and provides customer support for the Campus Financial Systems
  • Performs and manages integrations with third-party systems
  • Supports financial system testing
  • Coordinates with application vendors, other IT units, and customers to ensure business continuity

Interim Director of Financial Information Systems: Joe Sabado,

Student Information Systems

  • Analyzes business problems and presents potential solutions to customers
  • Manages third-party applications and systems, including integrations 
  • Coordinates between application vendors, other IT units, and customers to ensure business continuity
  • Supports and manages various departmental, divisional, and campus IT projects and initiatives

Director of Student Information Services: Brian Frazier,

  • Leads IT strategic planning
  • Creates the framework for IT innovation and transformation
  • Manages relationships with academic customers
  • Liaises between the Office of the CIO and campus research computing constituencies

Director of IT Strategy & Academic/Research Support: Elise Meyer,

  • Ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all forms of information at UCSB
  • Manages the Secure Computing Research Environment (SCRE)
  • Implements processes, technologies, and practices to reduce the risk of loss or damage to institutional information

Interim Chief Information Security Officer: Jennifer Mehl,

  • Oversees financial analysis and management
  • Manages personnel, procurement, and space
  • Provides organizational support

Director of Administration & Logistics: Tedi Tehrani,

Responsible for the baseline technical capabilities required by campus to achieve its mission objectives and support necessary administrative capabilities.  This includes networking, communications, and computing infrastructure as well as services such as Identity and Access Management, helpdesk capabilities, and support and management of productivity applications.

Chief Technology Officer: Shea Lovan,

Cloud & Identity Services

  • Designs, implements, and manages identity services
  • Provides consulting for services deploying to the cloud
  • Supports evolution of UCSB's cloud practice

Director of Cloud & Identity Services: Jim Woods,, (805) 893-7145

Computing Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Maintains critical infrastructure (networks, servers, databases, and backup systems)
  • Supports evolution of service reliability engineering practices at UCSB

Director of Computing Infrastructure and Facilities: Allen Biehle,

Network & Communication Services

  • Operates the core campus network, including both wired and wireless data and voice networks
  • Designs and maintains copper wiring and fiber cables installed throughout campus
  • Manages the inter-building communications physical infrastructure, including the two-way/Public Safety radio systems

Director of Network & Communication Services: Kevin Schmidt,, (805) 893-7779

Workplace Technology Services

  • Manages the help desk
  • Maintains productivity, endpoint, and voice services
  • Supports evolution of endpoint management practices at UCSB

Director of Workplace Technology Services: Manny Cintron,, (805) 893-3572

  • Provides a full suite of project management activities, including management of scope, resources, schedules, risks, and issues.
  • Tracks project milestones, health, and ownership for major programs within IT units
  • Maintains the campus application inventory
  • Analyzes needs and supports delivery for service modifications and system implementations
  • Manages a comprehensive communications program for core IT services, enterprise projects, and incident response
  • Coordinates campus process improvement initiatives

Director of IT Program Management: Matt Erickson,, (805) 893-4219

Director of Process Management: Katie Mankins,